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In winter, pests and debris may clog sprinkler nozzles and cause malfunction. Extremely cold water can damage the sprinkler lines as well. Winterization of sprinklers shuts down the system during winter and stops freeze damage. Seasonal repairs and renovations should be completed in spring and fall. For these services and more, call the licensed experts at Jerry Jones Landscaping!


Trusted Irrigation System Repairs

We service both old and new systems

Whether your sprinkler system is an older model or a brand new one, we will make any necessary repairs. Once you contact us, it's a done deal; we'll get the job done!

Our sprinkler services

  • Repairs

  • Renovations

  • Troubleshooting

  • Problem solving

  • Leak protection

  • Irrigation sprinkler repairs and troubleshooting

Backflow testing

Jerry Jones Landscaping does not perform backflow testing, but we suggest calling Columbia Cross Connection at 503-235-6141 for these services.

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Irrigation Repairs


Irrigation Repairs


Irrigation Repairs